Om oss

Finabadkar Luton Design is holding the designright for Luton bathtubs and together Luton enamel company is manufacturing these bathtubs. If you have some design you want to make then we can make special models only for your company and garanty that these models will only be sold to you. We have made our own design in other companies, but we had problem with Chinese companies who gave us bad quality and also stole our design, so we know what we are talking about. That´s why we open this company, otherwise it would have been to
much trouble for only havíng our own company. You can also buy our design and we can make them fit your market. If you are making appartments we can make bathtubs that fit the bathrooms.
Luton Enamel and our sales company Classic Home & Garden Co., Ltd is now  specializing in manufacturing small cast iron medium grade and high grade bathtubs. We have integrated casting, enamel powder, enameling; moreover, it has two production bases.
Luton Enamel has advanced production equipment, such as computer controlled natural gas kiln, precise mould and high precision testing equipments. It has obtained the ISO9001: 2000 Quality System Certification. We have professional workers and managing people. There is a whole production system which covers the procedure of research & development, design, drawing, production, quality control and production supervision. Furthermore, we have invited some famous engineers from germany to give us instructions on our production management. The quality control is in charge of certain people with rich experience. At present, the company has reached a yearly production capacity of 15000 bathtubs every year. and the products have been exported mainly to USA, South Africa and Europe. And the products have won good reputation. Lutonbathtubs are made from rough cast iron which made from good natural stone iron and porcelain glaze, and baked in very high temperature in order to improve the intensity and reach the glass finish. The products are anti-acid, smooth, wearable, high-temperature resistant, heat preservation, noisy-resistant, elegant, durable, and easy to be cleaned.

The management notion of Luton Enamel is ”Beauty, Quality and function”. We are creating a world-wide brand and you can join us now more easy. The company has gained credit from customers for excellent quality and service.
We have Swedish people helping us with design and quality and learn what is very important when you are making business to Scandinavien countrys. For exampel only send the best to our customer and follow the agreement´s. Together we have made ​​these tubs in other companies and seen the cost of correcting errors thatoccurred, which was considerable. Moreover, it has never been possible to expand our business when the quality was too low. Therefore, we have decided that together we manufacture these tubs in your own business where we have total control.